6 Uncommon Cat Breeds You Might Not Know About

6 Uncommon Cat Breeds You Might Not Know About

I like canines. I like horses. I even like guinea pigs. However I like, love, love cats. There’s one thing so charming about their aloofness and self-sufficiency. Even their disdain is lovable. Like me, they typically want to be left to their very own gadgets. For me, that’s studying; for them it’s leaping out and in of a cardboard field. We each, nevertheless, like taking naps within the solar. 

In comparison with most canines, cats are low-maintenance pets that may be counted on for cuddles once you want them. They’re additionally simply plain fairly. Burmese cats and Persian cats, LaPerms and Peterbalds, Burmilla cats and British Shorthairs; there’s such quite a lot of lovely cat breeds that I typically discover myself wishing I may undertake all of them. (My 13-year-old tabby wouldn’t take properly to this concept.) Whether or not you’re a fellow cat lover who’s interested by adopting a brand new furry companion, otherwise you simply need to know extra about all the lovely and uncommon cat breeds that exist, preserve studying. Under is info on six of the rarest cat breeds on the planet. 

1. Kurilian Bobtail 

Kurilian Bobtail cat in front of green background
Nikolai Tsvetkov/Shutterstock

You may need heard in regards to the American Bobtail, however have you learnt about its jap European counterpart? When you like cats which have a little bit of a wild streak, the Kurilian Bobtail cat is likely to be for you. This stub-tailed breed of cat will get its title from the Kuril Islands of Russia, which is the place it originated. Their glorious potential to smell out and catch mice makes them in style home cats in Russia, however there could also be lower than 100 of them in the USA, in response to the Worldwide Cat Affiliation. 

Regardless of their brawny construct and smooth white-and-gray look (which makes them resemble little snow leopards), Kurilian Bobtails are very light and pleasant cats. They’re extremely inquisitive by nature and may typically be discovered on the best perch within the room, surveying their environment. Their most charming characteristic, nevertheless, is their little pom-pom-shaped tail (therefore the title Kurilian Bobtails). Each Kurilian’s tail is barely totally different: there are spirals, whisk-shapes, and tails bent at humorous angles, with anyplace from two to 10 vertebrae. These humorous tail shapes, mixed with their luxurious thick coats, make Kurilians one of many world’s most lovely cats. When you’re in quest of a singular new breed to like, look no additional. 

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat outside
Elisa Putti/Shutterstock

An unique title for an unique cat! Whereas this can be a uncommon breed to us, this clever cat is pretty in style in its homeland. Initially from Scandinavia, these cats stay immensely in style of their homeland of Norway, though they’ve proliferated all through Europe and have a small presence in the USA. Norwegian Forest Cats are finest identified for his or her waterproof double coats, which, pre-domestication, helped them survive the powerful Scandinavian winters. These coats bear a placing resemblance to different semi-longhaired cats, such because the Maine Coon. Nonetheless, you possibly can at all times inform these kitties aside by their giant, almond-shaped eyes and symmetrical triangle-shaped heads, in response to the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation (CFA).

Norwegian Forest Cats are often homebodies and infrequently described as impartial and affectionate on their very own phrases. They’ll ask for consideration when they need it and usually prefer to be left alone in any other case. As comparatively energetic cats, they take pleasure in utilizing cat timber and scratching posts — good luck conserving your sofa secure from their claws — and infrequently get the zoomies earlier than lengthy intervals of leisure. Like tabbies and shorthairs, these fluffy felines make for excellent home cats. Simply know that they aren’t low-maintenance in relation to shedding — you’ll need to spend money on a top quality vacuum alongside along with your new kitty! 

3. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

Of the numerous unique uncommon cat breeds on the planet, the Egyptian Mau is without doubt one of the best-loved. In accordance with the CFA, they’re one of many solely home cat breeds with naturally occurring spots, which present in silver, bronze, smoke, or black colour patterns. They appear to be mini leopards and stroll with a cheetah-like grace. Spend sufficient time with a Mau, and the rationale the Historical Egyptians worshiped them might be clear. 

The Egyptian Mau has been round for the reason that constructing of the pyramids, making them one of many oldest cat breeds. Identified for his or her excessive emotional intelligence, Egyptian Maus are attuned to the moods of their family, they usually’re good at speaking with their homeowners. Don’t disregard these cats: Their deep stare will make you surprise if there actually is an historic deity strolling round your own home. 

4. Serengeti

Serengeti cat

Though they share a regal, unique look, the Serengeti and Egyptian Mau are very totally different. Whereas the Mau has been round for hundreds of years, the Serengeti is a more moderen breed, created in 1995 by crossing an Oriental Shorthair with a Bengal. They bear a placing resemblance to Servals, which is usually accentuated by their upright posture and athleticism. Due to this, Serengetis are an awesome alternative for cat homeowners who need the feel and appear of an unique pet with out the accompanying value and upkeep. Serengetis are usually pleasant and curious cats, though they could be a bit shy at first. They’re extremely agile and like to perch on a pleasant shoulder or the fridge. Whereas they do properly as home cats, they thrive in houses with loads of stimulation: toys, cat timber, and scratching posts are all a superb funding for these energetic animals. 

5. Korat

Korat cat draping arms over chair

A ban making it unlawful to breed these cats exterior of their native Thailand has made Korat cats one of many rarest cat breeds on the planet. PetMD speculates that the breeding and distribution of those lovely felines is quietly restricted in order to make them a signifier of the higher class. Whereas the reality of this declare is unsure, there’s little doubt in regards to the problem of discovering a Korat in the USA. Korats are silver-blue in coloration, with no different markings, and the silver suggestions of their fur give them a shocking luminescent high quality. Identified for being extremely social and affectionate, they love enjoying, cuddling, and customarily being the focal point. Korats make nice household cats and in addition normally get together with different pets. When you ever stumble throughout one among these uncommon cat breeds in a shelter or foster residence, know that you just’re experiencing a uncommon second – and one you seemingly received’t get once more. 

6. Sokoke

Sokoke cat lounging on rocks

So what’s the rarest domesticated cat on the planet? The Sokoke. Sokokes are native to a small coastal space of Kenya, though their ancestry extends again to Asian cats, which themselves advanced from wild cats within the Arabic peninsula. In different phrases: They’ve a protracted and regal lineage. Sokokes may be recognized by their distinctive camouflaged tabby sample, lengthy and sleek legs, and enormous, upright ears. They’ve a sublime tip-toe type of strolling which turns into particularly noticeable once they’re excited (which is frequent). These playful animals thrive in houses with a number of folks or different animals, and in houses the place they’ve entry to the outside. (They’ve seemingly limitless vitality that have to be expended.) It’s unlikely you’ll ever run right into a Sokoke. They aren’t referred to as the rarest cats on the planet for nothing. 

Honorable Mentions

Though these lovely creatures are amongst the rarest cat breeds within the US, there are further choices to contemplate. 

  • The Bombay (a combination of Burmese and American Shorthair breeds)
  • The American Wirehair, a New York native
  • The Devon Rex, Devonshire England’s “Alien Cat”
  • The Cornish Rex (born from a genetic mutation)
  • The Tonkinese Cat (a combination of the Burmese and Siamese cats)
  • The Turkish Angora (from Turkey, in fact)
  • The Lengthy-Haired Turkish Van
  • The Minskin (a combo of the hairless Sphynx and short-leg Munchkin)

Which cat is true for me? 

When you’re adopting one among these uncommon cat breeds, there are a number of elements to contemplate. First, be sure you select a cat with the suitable disposition in your residence surroundings. Do you reside in a busy residence with a number of folks or different pets? Or is your own home life quieter? Are you going to be round to offer your animal loads of consideration, or would a extra solitary cat be a greater match? Additionally, think about issues like your funds: Looking for particular uncommon cat breeds may be costly. You might also need to discover cat rescue. Many shelters want adoptive cat mother and father, and it’s a really rewarding expertise. Whichever path you’re taking, what’s necessary is that you just select the suitable cat for you – and that they’ve the loving residence they deserve.

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