Easy methods to Purchase & Increase Animals

Easy methods to Purchase & Increase Animals

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  • Elevating Cluffowl in Harvestella
  • Woolums and Harvestella Milk

As most good farming sims have animals to lift and produce items, so does Harvestella. As a substitute of the everyday chickens and cows, gamers increase creatures distinctive to the sport. The Cluffowl resembles an egg-shaped hen dipped in crimson paint and produces eggs. The Woolum is a llama-goat creature with antlers that produces milk. The Totokaku, a big jackalope beast, acts as a mount for the Protagonist. All three animals could be bought on the Conellu Emporium and may enhance each the farming and the JRPG expertise of Harvestella.


Simply as gamers can’t instantly use the sky lancer job in Harvestella or journey to each location, they can’t purchase animals proper as they unlock their farm. The Conellu Emporium doesn’t grow to be obtainable till gamers full a lot of the recreation’s first dungeon, Higan Canyon. Afterward, when gamers enter Lethe Village, a small brown creature referred to as a Conellu could have arrange store with a couple of animals by their facet. Gamers should purchase animals and all their livestock provides from the Conellu Emporium.

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Elevating Cluffowl in Harvestella

Easy methods to Purchase & Increase Animals

As a way to purchase Cluffowl, gamers should first buy a Cluffowl Pen from the Renovator for five,000 grillas, 5 lumber, and 5 laborious stone. Gamers should buy one Cluffowl for 500 grilla as soon as per day. After consuming Cluffowl Feed thrice, Cluffowl will start to provide eggs, which could be offered for 50-60 grilla, utilized in stamina & HP restoring Harvestella dishes or eaten uncooked for 600-700 HP, 5 Filling, and 10% stamina. Cluffowl can be petted as soon as a day to encourage higher-quality egg drops. Cluffowl Feed prices 100 grilla from the Conellu Emporium. If gamers have a Feed Maker (the recipe for which could be purchased on the emporium), they will put Stellar Wheat, Carrops, or Morrocorn into the machine to make Cluffowl Feed.

Woolums and Harvestella Milk

Woolums in an enclosure on the farm in Harvestella

Woolums drop milk, which sells for 150 grilla and provides 600 HP, 5 Filling, & 10% stamina when drunk. Just like the Cluffowl, gamers want the Woolum Pen, which prices 6,500 grilla, 5 lumber, and 5 laborious stone. One Woolum prices 900 grilla. They start producing milk after being fed thrice and produce higher-quality milk if they’re constantly pet. Milk generally is a beneficial useful resource throughout Harvestella boss battles like Hydolanzer, the place gamers cannot afford to waste time in an consuming animation and want a drink to revive HP. Woolum Feed prices 100 grilla and could be made with Wild Leaf, Grass, or Costume Lettuce.

Shopping for & Using Totokaku

Harvestella Forest with Totokaku

The Totokaku is greatest in comparison with a horse, as it’s the protagonist’s mount. Bought from Conellu Emporium for 4,000 grilla, gamers can journey their Totokaku all over the world map and cut back their journey time by 50%. The Totokaku could be fed thrice to extend its pace and provides it particular talents. The worth of the feed doubles every time it’s purchased, from 2,500 to five,000 to 10,000 grilla. The second Totokaku feed unlocks the flexibility to dig holes, revealing treasure and hidden areas all through Harvestella.

Whereas gamers will spend much more time farming in Harvestella initially than elevating Cluffowl or Woolums, their eggs and milk can show helpful in later levels, whereas the Totokaku turns into an essential companion on adventures. Initially, gamers can solely maintain three Cluffowl or Woolum in a pen at a time, however they will buy upgrades to these pens. The Cluffowl Pen improve is 10,000 grilla, ten laborious lumber, and ten clay. The Woolum Pen improve is 12,500 grilla, ten laborious lumber, and ten clay. These upgrades enable as much as six animals in a single pen. Animal lovers will love shopping for and elevating these lovely animals on their Harvestella journey.

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    In Harvestella, gamers are thrust right into a world that is seasons are guided by 4 gigantic crystals referred to as Seaslight. Nonetheless, the peaceable order of the world is disrupted when a brand new season arrives often called Quietus – the Season of Demise. Throughout this new season, crops wither and die, and human beings can’t depart their properties – and years have handed for the reason that Quietus has begun. To do that, gamers assume the position of Ein and head off to search out the supply of the lethal affliction and cease it earlier than the world is ruined. Joined by a missionary, a mechanic, and a woman from the long run, Ein will journey by way of 5 main cities worldwide whereas battling fierce monsters and gathering supplies to farm and rebuild their village. Half life sim and half motion RPG, gamers can select from one in all twelve courses to face off with the obstacles that await them.

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